The state of Internet freedom

<< No 7 (240), 20 February 2017 >>

Agora publishes its annual report

In 2016 the Agora NGO registered more than 116,000 cases of restrictions on the freedom of the Internet in Russia. This is almost eight times more than last year. These figures appear in Agora’s annual report, published on 7 February, reports Radio Svoboda.

In particular, Agora says that the number of cases of administrative pressure has increased more than tenfold (up to 53,000), while the number of court bans on information have tripled, and restriction on access to the Internet has risen more than 20 times (up to 35,000 in 2016).

Agora spokesman Damir Gainutdinov notes there have been more criminal prosecutions relating to internet activity. The number of known cases in which individuals were sentenced to deprivation of liberty has risen from 18 to 29. Three internet users were sentenced to compulsory medical treatment.

According to human rights activists only 13.5 million individuals enjoy relative freedom of the internet. The remaining 82 million Russian citizenss live in regions where there are serious restrictions on internet use.

Compared to 2015 the situation worsened significantly in 18 of Russian’s 83 Regions; it  improved in only one.
7 February 2017

 Read the report in Russian here


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