#NewsoftheDay 27 January 2017 – Rights in Russia

 27 January 2017 – Russian Prosecutor General Rejects Presidential Human Rights Council’s Proposal to Soften Law on ‘Foreign Agents’ / Moscow Officials Threaten to Prosecute Anyone Who Protests Russia’s Courts / Russian Duma Approves Bill To Soften Penalty For Domestic Violence / Russia resorts to open terrorization of lawyers & their families in occupied Crimea / Crime database to be created in Russia by 2022 – report / Russian Political Prisoner Ildar Dadin Files Request to Move Prisons / “Public Verdict” associates Mardiros Demerchyan’s case with Russia’s failure to observe recommendations of UN Committee against Torture / Court upholds verdict of guilty for Imam Magomednabi Magomedov / Ramzan Kadyrov permits Chechen law enforcers to shoot without warning / Court upholds Alexei Knedlyakovsky’s arrest / Relatives cannot find out fate of militants detained in Grozny / Tambov Court refuses to mitigate conditions of detention for Igor Stenin

Working to provide information about human rights in Russia

Source: 27 January 2017 – Rights in Russia


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