#NewsoftheDay 22 December 2016 – Rights in Russia

#NewsoftheDay  22 December 2016 – Navalny Team Uncovers Miami Homes Belonging To Russian Mayor / Report: Russian Hackers Tracked Ukrainian Artillery Units / UN Creates Body To Prepare Syrian War Crimes Cases Over Russian Objections / Open-Source Sleuths Document Extensive Russian Shelling Of Ukraine In 2014 / Activists Detained In Moscow Along With RFE/RL Journalists / Russian Music Teacher Fired After Homophobe Crusader Complains About Her Piercings / Neighbours of CTO casualties in Grozny report ban on commemoration / In Dagestan, two persons killed in shootout with law enforcers / Russia’s Supreme Court upholds sentence for Hizb ut-Tahrir member / Moscow school student’s sentence for joining far-right Ukrainian group reduced / Sixteen persons sentenced for treason, espionage in Russia in 2016 / Russia ordered to pay €900 to 2010 football riot case convict #RightsinRussia

Working to provide information about human rights in Russia

Source: 22 December 2016 – Rights in Russia


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